"When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that is love."

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I wish all my shady guy friends who come to me for advice can get this imbedded in their head lol.. but they’re all still boys…” if you gave her conisistency, you wouldn’t have to complain about loyalty”

She needs a man. She needs someone who would show her more than just a good time, but  consistency.. loyalty…someone who would keep it real with her.  And its okay to admit to her if your not ready for all that, to commit yourself to being her man… rather be honest and let her know than embarrass her…being untrue behind her back. She’s  not afraid of leaving if you fail to show her consistency, because she needs a man… not a boy. Just because she forgave you or you got away with being shady many times doesn’t mean its okay for you to do it again, that she’ll forgive you again.  She knows good men are out there who can give her what you failed to give her… and she’s not afraid to go after what she wants. She was a strong girl to put up with the bs you put her through, she’s gonna be just as strong to stand by what she deserves and not settle for less. Don’t mess with someone who’s had enough with the games. Last chances don’t come with warnings.You don’t know when the next chance, or the next best thing will come around.  The thing you don’t want to is drop the ball with a “good one”. So if you know you have a “good one” and you claim you care…then show it.. then don’t take her for granted. Take care of her.. protect her.. love her


"You are the truest to the fullest, and because of it i believe that in time the world would give you the same back, someone that can be as good as you  are to them ..and be for you, true, loyal, forgiving, and understanding of the human capability to make mistakes. I hope that you never let this world let you believe that you are underserving of that, or that its not possible to have someone like you. Of all the people I know, i believe you deserve it the most.. to feel free, to have someone who will be able to reciprocate back the same love you give them and more, someone that will bring you peace"

Sometimes you just need to be reminded… What others have to say to you can go a long way. I love my friends. 



I catch myself saying “i miss…”, “i wish i can go back to do this…” , and I start to realise we take more than we know for granted. I miss the places i called my home. I miss my grandpa… and my close friends who’s lives were ended so soon…I miss those days i can just go visit and spend time with my family whenever i want… I wish i didn’t live so far from my loved ones. Time flies, so much changes, and before I even realize it … “those days” are done with, or people are gone. I didn’t cherish “those days” enough. I didn’t cherish the people i lost enough. Losing is a hard, painful reality of life i know i have to go through…its inevitable.. But it taught me to be grateful for all that i have… to care for, and even protect  anything that makes me happy, big and small…I may be busy ,being constantly thrown obstacles here and there and have a never-ending to do list, but i do my best to remind myself to cherish all the good things of my life.. no matter how brutal it gets. I remember how much can just be taken away from me and I won’t be given warnings. Nothing lasts forever so cherish every opportunity that fulfills you…everything, especially the people and things that makes life worth living. There are gonna be days your gonna wake up and realize something is missing, and you’re going to wish to go back.. you’re going to wish you can rewind time and relive the moments. 

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